We simply make furniture.

We are driven by the power of good design to transform everyday living. Our range of services extends from product development through to production; from bespoke pieces to series production; from design drawings through prototyping to technical realisation – and to installation, too, at the customer’s request.

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We make furniture that lasts. Our process is underpinned by a solid understanding of utility and we encourage our clients to adopt a similar approach when selecting a piece. Our passion is wood – and everything it can be used to create. Finding the right structure, the perfect form, the optimal spatial configuration, the ideal surface.


With design, manufacture and servicing all under one roof we are able to maintain each product over it’s lifecycle, ensuring any wear and tear that may arise over the years can be carefully repaired as a primary, not secondary function of what we do. Whenever we’ve had a hand in the matter: in a veneer, an edging, a table, in every individual piece of furniture that leaves our premises. They may not always bear our name in letters – but in every case our signature is unmistakable.


Design thinking informs every decision we make. As a dedicated inhouse design centre, the Lab has been established to push the boundaries of possibility. By evolving our range and constantly solving design challenges, the Lab gets the most out of our team of skilled, inhouse craftsmen. Combining the best elements of digital and traditional technology the team sketches, plots, prototypes and refines new ideas in a way not many others can.


Not only do we design and produce your furniture, but we deliver to your door. Our experienced installation team ensures that every new addition to your home is an investment into your lifestyle, repaid through a lifetime of fulfillment.

We are a small company with Big aspirations.